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  1. Collection of Personal Information

    We store your basic information such as Name, Email, Phone and we will not use your information to any third party without your information. We will give you contact information to the vendor of venue for their reference and call backing you regarding the booking. We may send SMS notifications for booking and promotional offers we are running

  2. Sharing of personal information

    We will not share your information to any third parties without your permission. We will share your Name, Phone number, and Email to the vendor for their reference for your processing your booking.

  3. Security

    We use strong security measures to ensure your private information is strongly protected from the internet. We use strong SSL encryption and strong secure server to store your information.

  4. Registration fees once paid through payment gateway is not refundable in case of cancellation of registration or no-show.

  5. In case of multiple deduction/excess deduction due to technical issues and if the same is credited to us, the additional amount will be refunded. In such cases, bank transaction charges will be deducted. The refunded amount will be revert back to the same bank account you have chosen during the booking process and this may take a maximum of 3 working days to proceed.

  6. If the transaction was unsuccessful but amount deducted from your account, please contact your bank.