Client: Dubai Gold And Diamonds

Year: 2019

Dubai Gold and Diamonds Located at Pattambi, Feroke, Kondotty, Valancheri, Malappuram, Chemmad as
well as in gulf countries such as Bahrain and Oman, Dubai Gold and Diamonds
has been in the market since 1988. A much preferred Jewellery in the district of
Malappuram, they are now making a place for themselves in the online

Campaign Name: “Peridam prize adikkam”

Campaign Campaign Intention:

‘Peridam prize adikkam’ campaign, showcasing different
products of client in an attractive layout, gave the audience a chance to name
each product & tag their friends also. Through this campaign, the client got
good chance to exhibit their products, and reach more viewers through tagging and commenting.

Channels used : Instagram

Geo Targeting : Malappuram,Kozhikode & Palakkad

Contents created : 30 posters , 30 stories, 2 influencers poster, 1 SMS

Campaign Duration : 20 Days

Achieved Results :
Campaign Reach : 90k – 110k
Total Impression : 150k – 160k
Profile Visits : 1.8k – 2k
New Followers : 700-800