Client: Berry Bomb

Year: 2018

Berry bomb is an Italian continental cafe come coffee shop. Berry bomb is
very famous by its quality and quanity of food and also very well mainatained ambience and suitable for small gatherings and parties.

Campaign Name: “Testimonial Campaign”

Campaign Intention: Testimonial campaign include feedbacks from running customers whichvideos and review write ups, This will post in our
social media channels and do paid promotions and also influencers campaign. through this it will circulate in our desired audience.

Channels used : Instagram & Facebook

Geo Targeting : Calicut

Contents created : 3 videos, 3 stories

Campaign Duration : 3 Days

Achieved Results :
Campaign Reach : 5k in Facebook, 20k in Instagram
Total Impression : 3.5k in Facebook, 6k in Instagram
Profile Visits : 2k in Instagram, 800 in Facebook
New Followers : 300-400 in Instagram, 400 in Facebook