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Digital Marketing during Lockdown!

Digital marketing sector, a new marketing strategy has witnessed a steady growth in its graph. The number of people using the internet in India increased by 47 million between 2020 and 2021, which can be the perfect explanation for the boom in this sector. Unlike older times access to internet and availability of smart gadgets became common to everybody.
During the beginning months of the year 2020, the whole world was under the curb of a pandemic. Everyone was forced to stay indoors and it paused the business around the world. This pandemic catalysed an increase in the rate of people using internet in India. Spending more time on internet increased the screentime, hence it paved the way for marketing to reach out to people digitally. As a result, many business who relied heavily on traditional marketing started leaning towards the idea of digitalisation.
Digital marketing is a very convenient mode of marketing reaches to the target audience directly than traditional methods. Digital marketing benefits both the consumers and the business equally. The more people spending time online means more audience, gives more results at lesser cost.

During this pandemic scenario, a revolutionary beginning of digital marketing era happened in the businesses of a developing nation like India is propitious and hopeful. It gave a new face to many existing business and helped them bring up their works.

Now, digital marketing means more than just having a website and even smallest startups are accepting digital marketing as their marketing strategy.

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