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Why Social Media Marketing is not Just About Posting Designs.?

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Every great design begins with an even better story.” – Lorinda Mamo, designer

Yes, to a great extent, social media is where artists trawl for inspiration. But social media marketing is not just about good designs, it has never been. When it comes to brands, it is about the personality, the stories they tell, the values they hold, and how well they treat their customers – both existing and prospective. Intelligent. right content matter. “Content is king” is not just a mere statement. It is how things work in the digital world. HOW you present your brand/ business also matters. IDEAS, how you plan to reach your audience matter.

Pinterest is synonymous with inspiration; Instagram is so full of life; Twitter is where you get all the latest news (and gossip) from; Facebook is where we connect with our family and friends, and it is also where most brands put all their marketing efforts on. 

It is important to make sure your goal is achieved through social media marketing. It is never recommended to convey what your values and goals are to the audience, it is all about executing the right strategies. Be it to maximize your brand enquiries, convert them into your own customers, or be it to increase your walk-in customers – each and every goal will need a customized, effective marketing strategy and executing these with the right content on the right platform will do the trick. Social medium is just a platform to reach to your existing and prospective customers. With other digital marketing strategies such as offpage SEO, link building etc., your website will reach more audience.

Designs are indeed a good medium to convey your brand’s intentions, but the designs are not the only way. Right strategy, right content to (indirectly, but clearly) convey your strategy and in turn include them all in a well-designed video or poster is how your brand will reach more audience, that is how your brand will gradually achieve goals.

To all the brands and businesses who are yet to explore the huge world of digital and social media marketing, Hawksee Digital Marketing has an advice for you: partner with an agency who will understand your goals and intentions the way you are passionate about it, and adapt themselves to suit your visions and missions. Planning and executing the right marketing strategies matters.

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